Designed to Achieve International Standards

The manufacturing unit which is constructed over 3,00,000 sq.ft. We always ensure to make the brand look attractive in its appearance at the same time maintaining the product integrity so as to reach the consumer in the desired quality.

We also ensure that the packaging material which carries a product's sales appeal and helps maintain its shelf life, reaches the customer with utmost care.



Our Technology

Our machinery has been acquired to provide all kinds of multi-coloured and multi-dimensional printing and packaging.

  • Conventional Printing : 280.00 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum
  • Conventional Lamination(Solvent Base, Solvent Less, On line Cold Seal Coating) : 160.00 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum
  • Slitting: 375 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum
  • Blown Film : 3100 Mt/annum
  • Extrusion Lamination & Coating : 160.00 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum
  • Pouching : 120 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum
  • Shrink Sleeves( Cut Form & Roll Form) : 12 mIn Sq. Mtr/annum

Printing (Rotomec 888)

  • ELS (Electronically line shaft) machine
  • Auto solvent dispensing system with auto viscosity controller
  • Registration control system
  • Print defect detection system with colour monitoring and bar code scan
  • Capability to print on both side of substrate
  • Online Cold Seal coating facility on New Rotomec 888.


  • One Combi Laminator, Three Simplex all from Nordmeccanica (solvent free)
  • Two – solvent based laminator.

Extrusion Coating & Lamination

  • Single head : Co-ex lamination
  • Die : Cloren auto di
  • Operating width : 1350 mm
  • Minimum coating : 8 gsm
  • Maximum coating : 40 gsm
  • Coating type : LD, PP, EVA, EAA, Ionomer
  • On line gauge measurement system from thermo scientific with close loop system
  • Gravimetric resin loading system with recipe control

Blown Film

  • Capacity : 300 MT/month
  • Layers : Three layers
  • Technology : OBC & IBC
  • Min. Thickness : 18 mic
  • Max. Thickness : 180 mic
  • Resin type : LD,LLD HDPE, PP,EAA, lonomer
  • Gravimetric resin loading system with recipe control from Prasad-koch


  • Galaxy- Two machines capable of Stand up format(Die seal, K-seal), Gusset, Zipper, diagonal zipper (patented technology)
  • XL & Mamta – Centre seal, three side seal with side gusset, die punch and notch
  • New Mamta Vega series machine for bulk bag, lap seal, four side seal, gusset (registered, transparent) with and without zipper
  • Spouting machine for liquid packaging pouches

Shrink Sleeve

  • Substrate : PVC, PET, OPS
  • Seaming machine is equipped with width control, no seam defect detection and auto flagging
  • Cutting machine is capable to have perforation in horizontal as well as vertical position