Constantia Aloform GmbH

Who we are
As one of the Constantia food plants, Constantia Aloform is located in Werdohl, Germany. Counting about 110 employees, we produce over 2.5 billion deep drawn aluminum containers per year.

What we do
We are a lean dedicated deep drawing plant, that manufactures and distributes premium aluminum foil container systems and supports its customers and partners with know-how and experience in the field of design of new shapes of containers, product specific considerations as well as the packaging and filling process.

One of our core strengths lies in our in-house tool development, which gives us the possibility to offer individualized solutions to our customers.  

Which industries do we serve?
Producing alufoil container systems for human and pet food, we are an international player with customers in every region of the world, covering western and eastern Europe as well as North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The physical properties of aluminum make this material the perfect choice for food-packaging: most importantly due its suitability for direct food-contact, but also its excellent barrier, even at thin gauges and low weights, reliable process-ability and last but not least its excellent recyclability often award aluminum as premium packaging material.

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